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Build your audience first then reach them across any and all channels

Directly measure who you reached, what they did and how they responded 

You are most effective when your message is personal

Over two decades of experience in measurable multinational marketing

4INFO And DMG Partner In The Multicultural Market Place

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We provide simple solutions to real life multicultural marketing challenges using big-data technologies

Yes, it’s true
You can reach individual people who are in market, directly on every device they use. Today.

It’s finally here

We’ve been waiting for it, and so have you. The promise of technology letting marketers have a one-to-one relationship with real people is now a reality.

 the old way

No longer do you have to advertise to a broad general audience in hopes that a segment will get your message. It’s wasteful and you can’t know for sure if it worked.

the new paradigm

Start with your audience first. After you've found the individual people you want to reach, send them a message wherever they are whether its online, on their phone, on their social media pages and even on their addressable TVs.

Learn about your data


Define your audience


Filter by behavior


Find them on all Channels


Craft the right message


Publish and Measure


Reap the Returns

That’s how we do it. Start with the audience first, then measure the results.

We start with the world's largest consumer databases.

  • Over 800 Million Consumers Worldwide
  • 97% of all Americans
  • 230 Million U.S. adults 18+
  • Over 4000 unique behavioral data models on each individual
  • 20 Trillion data transactions a year

And A Rich Multicultural Dataset

  • Over 60 million multicultural adults
  • 1500+ unique data points on each
  • 4000+ modeled behaviours
  • 48 Socio-economic and demographic lifestyle clusters

The Multicultural Consumer

The Multicultural Consumer is everywhere

  • Makes Up One Third of U.S. Consumers
  • Top 25 DMA's are Majority Minority

Marketers are getting squeezed

  • The Multicultural Market has become more difficult to address
  • One size fits all” messaging strategies are no longer efficient or effective
  • 1-to-1 messaging is even more imperative with a multicultural audience

Channels are expanding rapidly

  • There are large shifts in media consumption
  • TV Networks are seeing declining ratings
  • There is a proliferation of niche channels
  • There is rapid adoption of digital / mobile platforms

DMG Solutions - A Comprehensive Marketing Resource

  • Precise, accurate and reliable metrics
  • Tools to know your data
  • Matching your data with the world’s largest consumer database
  • Develop dynamic and actionable messaging strategies

The Multicultural Consumer is One Third of the U.S. 

Hispanics Over-index On Mobile And Social Use

  • They generate large amounts of data
  • Cellphones have been in their life for a long time, out of necessity

Expansive Publishing Capabilities

  • Comscore 1000+
  • All Social Media
  • 200+ million Mobile Devices
  • 300+ million Desktops
  • 40+ million Addressable TV  Screens
  • 20+ million Game Consoles

Publish anywhere

We’ve partnered with the leader in Mobile

When it comes to precision targeting and measurement at the cash register, no other solution comes close to the level of accuracy and scalable segmentation offered by 4INFO.

Learn More About Mobile

Attribution and Measurement

  • In Store Visits
  • Credit / Debit Card Transactions
  • First Party Data (CRM) On-boarding & Matching
  • Location Based Response Measurement
  • Call Center Performance
  • Telephony / SMS Tracking
  • Custom Built Offer Based Metrics

A call to "Action!"

With all the data you have available about your audience, you should be able to tailor their experience specifically for them. This applies to everything from creative ad units to body copy on a landing page.  It also applies to high end video production.

Through our sister company, El Meteoro Digital, we can provide the highest production quality video for online, or broadcast on air – backed by seasoned veterans of the video production industry.

You Want
Where They Are
When They’re Ready