Over two decades of Multicultural Marketing experience across multiple categories

4INFO And DMG Partner In The Multicultural Market Place

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History of Innovation

over 20 years

We've been innovating in the media and marketing space for over 20 years. In that time we’ve brought new products to market that address needs not met, or not yet perceived, by the industry.

  • Transamerica Media Group 1994 – The first multicultural media-only agency

  • Red Clic Interactive 1998 - The first national hispanic digital media company

  • EMC3 Media 1999 - The first hispanic media supply-side media trading platform

Advanced Tools

We build some great tools

Over the years, we’ve found that being ahead of your time, leaves you without all the tools you need to get things done efficiently. So we built a lot of our own tools, like DMG’s Tracker, which measures ROI in realtime across channels, including telephony. Tracker allowed us to reach unprecedented agreements with media for our clients, based on measurable sales results.

Our  call-center lead distribution tools give us real-time data on audience response as calls come in and flexible call forwarding logic based on time, location and the offer presented to the caller.

Case Study

  • Who: International Pay Television provider
  •  Existing multicultural business tier was unsustainable.
  • Churn was very high.
  • Acquisition Cost was way above the allowable.
  • We canceled all non-performing media that was purchased based on CPM
  • We established Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) media negotiations across all channels
  • We built our own DMP with call center and sales data on boarding.
  • We managed the campaign by optimizing all aspects, including flights and creative, driven solely by real-time sales data.
  • In 12 months sales increased by over 100% – $1.5 Billion annually.
  • CPA was lowered by 250% – well within the company allowable.
  • Churn was lowered by 50%.
  • Their retooled business unit started generating over $300 Million in net contributions.

Management Team

Clients We’ve Worked With

Learn about our origins

We’ve been around for a while. Years ago we started helping clients build super effective and measurable direct-response campaigns. Since then, we’ve seen more and more of the marketing universe take on a direct-marketing like approach. We like this, because it bears out the claims we made so many years ago: It’s all about measurable results.

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